Rejoice in Your Weaknesses

July 25, 2019 It's in our weakest, most vulnerable moments that HE IS MADE STRONG! The exact wording tells us that "His strength is made PERFECT in weakness." But what precisely does that mean? There's seasons in life that are overtly and beyond difficult — the hardest are those by which we have NO control... Continue Reading →

God is Distant from the Proud

Weekly Devotional ~ October 2, 2018 "Though the Lord be high, yet hath He respect unto the lowly; but the proud He knoweth afar off." Our God ... He is the highest above all the earth - above every nation and tongue, above the highest of men, above the heavens and the angels residing there,... Continue Reading →

The Jezebel Spirit

This is a simplistic review of some of its most common characteristics, as well as some insight into how it operates in the Believer. We are in an age that the spirit of Jezebel is reeking havoc in the church Body, and most Christians are blind to it working through them. Why or how is that possible? Join me as I discuss one of the answers to that question and what you can do to know if this principality is operating in any manner in your life. The solution to stopping this most evil spirit starts with each individual in the Body of Christ. Listen here

The Power of the Macedonians

July 7, 2018 There is only one place in Scripture that mentions any certain people group specifically having power.  Yet in 2 Corinthians chapter 8 Paul was instructing the church at Corinth regarding "the power of the Macedonians."  About a couple of years ago this caught my eye in a very special way. As often... Continue Reading →

When the One You Love Becomes False Accuser

When the One You Love Becomes False Accuser -- By Brook Ardoin (August, 2018) You must make the conscious decision that you are going to live a life holy and pleasing to God and bear the fruits of His Spirit, rather than allow another spirit to work through you. When you bring false accusations to another, that is never God’s Holy Spirit working inside of you. According to the Bible, accusation is part of the very character of Satan. You cannot serve two Masters… choose this day whom you will serve. Continue Reading...

A Charge To Angels

Weekly Devotional ~ August 2, 2018 "For He shall give His angels charge over you, To keep you in all your ways" ~ Psalm 91:11 This entire chapter is God's guarantee of protection for His people, and one of the most popular chapters to use in daily prayer for yourselves and families. You can see... Continue Reading →

“I Will Pray for You….

July 27, 2018 How often do we hear the words, "I will be praying for you,"  or in social media when someone posts the need for prayer, we see the comment thread replete with the word, "praying."  In this fast paced generation, it seems to have become something more of a knee-jerk verbal response to... Continue Reading →

Return To Your Rest

Weekly Devotional 7/24/2018 "Return to your rest, O my soul, for the Lord has dealt bountifully with you" ~ Psalm 116:7 Can you recall a time when your soul was brought low? You may be walking in a time such as this even now. God never promised this life would be easy or free of... Continue Reading →

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