Brook Ardoin 

Brook Born again at 18, I have been passionate on all things JESUS since.  Missionary work was my first achievement for God’s Kingdom.  I have worked in South America and Russia for brief periods, leading the lost to Christ.  Experiencing what it is to live without air conditioning, hot water, GOOD drinking water, and so much more outside of America was truly humbling and gave me such a love for people who understand what it is to live without and still be grateful to the Lord.

As a former 20 yr. member of a Full Gospel church, I was blessed that God provided an older “veteran” in the Lord to mentor me full time in prayer and intercession, for I had come out of the Catholic Church and Private School system, knowing nothing of the Bible or prayer.  Yet, He immediately gave me an insatiable love for both, and I started each day with Him… growing, learning, and soaking Him in like a sponge.

My years of dance training led me to lead the Dance Ministry in church for years and teach dance as an elective at the little Christian School affiliated with our church.  I was blessed to use dance as an expression of praising the Lord for many ministers, congregations, and the public during the holidays.

Faith and miracles became the strongest area of my life in 2002 when my then 15-month-old daughter was diagnosed with the unthinkable…severe autism.  Here was where all my countless hours in prayer and the Word was put to the ultimate test to dare to believe the impossible.  It takes work, as faith without it is dead.  God taught me that if we only dare to believe, that every promise He gives in His Word is true beyond measure and it can be attained.  By 2004, her diagnosis was removed from her medical records and she has been completely healed since.

I have worked as a core team member along with Joanie Stahl, Tony Koretz, and Matt-Selby Bennetts with A Minute to Midnite since shortly after its birth.  I left my career in Nursing to work full time for the Lord in this great world-wide platform and it has been a great love in my life ever since.

I have three amazing children – Bethany, Spencer, and Kennady and live in a small town in southwestern Louisiana known as “Cajun Country” (so please excuse the thick accent!)  My passions aside from the Lord include hunting, fishing, and cutting up on the ATV!

I always want to be real about this walk, never letting the words of this Bio come across to look as if I have spent the whole of my salvation like some picture-perfect walk.  In order to be reachable to you, it is important for me to share the realities that can come in life.  Pride caused a great fall from grace in my 20’s, returning to the world in search of something tangible to fill the void of loneliness and heartbreak.  I cannot stress enough, “better to have never known the way of righteousness [which is to know Jesus], then having known it [Him], and to turn away…”  This is one of the raw, uncut realities in my journey.  I freely share this for any who can relate in order to prove nothing we can do will remove His great love and mercy for us as He waits with open arms for us to return to Him.

My goal is that others can truly know what a GREAT God we serve, and that being a Christian is the most fun and joy that one can ever experience in life…Yes, Jesus is pure, clean, FUN and has the best sense of humor if you allow Him in.  I have my moments I fail or fall short, but we all fall short.  This journey is not about focusing on our shortcomings, but about what we DO to get up and rise above them with His help in every area of life to move up to greater levels of maturity in the Lord.

“Trials teach us what we are; they dig up the soil, and let us see what we are made of.”  ~ Charles Spurgeon

“To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery….which is Christ in you, the HOPE OF GLORY.”  ~ Colossians 1:27

God Bless,                                                                                                                              

Brook Ardoin


Joanie’s Bio


joanie bio image 2

When I sat down to write this bio, my mind went over not just the 43 years of serving and loving Jesus Christ, but my whole life. I feel that should be included because it gives a greater credit and praise to God for His Son being revealed to me while a young girl.


As far back as can remember, and looking back now as a full adult, I can now put words on what that little child could not convey.  There was always a strong and mighty love I had for God though I had no idea who He was.


I was taught by my Jewish mother how to pray to God every day. She was my first influence of letting in the light of heaven into my baby world. Even as a tiny girl I have loved looking at the tiniest flowers and skies with clouds, trees, and the aroma of them, as well as all little animals and birds. I can say I felt the presence and power of love in His creation. To this day, I am still mightily drawn to Him that same way.


When I was 7 years old, it was a summer day and I was in my house.  I heard a calm and soothing voice say to me, “Go outside”. I walked out to the back yard and stood on the edge of the lawn.  I heard that same voice say to me, “Now go lay down on the grass”. I laid down, and as I looked up, I saw the big, beautiful blue sky, with clouds moving in their courses.


All at once, I felt a power so great and mighty like the force of a waterfall flowing down from heaven upon me. It was the most potent power of love that no earthly love could compare. It poured down upon me for minutes and I could only lay there and let it flow. It filled me up and I can say that God knew I was loved starved as a child.  After a time, I returned my voice to Him and said, “I love you too”.


I lay there, for an unknown time, and arose after a while. I tried returning to that same place for a few days afterwards, but I could not get that to happen to me again. I went on from there wanting more of Him and could not find Him. Then one day, a family member that was close to me got saved. I listened to her talk about how wonderful Jesus was and how happy she was. Her and her friends spoke about Him with effervescence.


I felt so left out and grieved because I thought, “here I have been my whole life looking for God and she is now with Him and not me”!  I followed her around and listened in when she conversed with her Christian friends about how she got saved and the joy in that salvation. Until one day at school (at age 13), I went to where she was sitting with the other Christians and thought that I would accuse the young man who led her to Christ. I did this because I had made up my mind years ago that if God did not come to me, then I would become a good Jew. I would be a super Jew.


However, that day God had another plan.


I called out the young man to persecute him and call him terrible names and even cursed him. The moment I approached him to do so, I felt that exact same presence I experienced in the backyard 6 years before, move in between him and I. It was as if all the misery I was trying to fling on him bounced off and I felt powerless.


I turned and walked away. My ungodly friend was praising me for a good job of being mean to the guy, but while she was speaking, her voice began to fade. Then that same, gentle, comforting voice overtook hers and said, “Tonight you will come to Me. Tonight you will be saved”. In that instance, all that hate, misery, and jealousy fell off me, and had I not been at school that moment, I would have collapsed on the ground, sobbed heavily, and flung myself on Jesus; but, I had to wait an agonizing several more hours for the night.


That night I waited for everyone to fall asleep. My bed was under the window, and I laid awake staring at the clear, dark, starry night. My heart was racing within me.


I then looked up and began to speak to Jesus in a whisper and said the simplest prayer, the one I heard when I eaves dropped on my relative and her friends. My life has since forever changed. I went on from there ever growing, ever learning, and maturing like a “tree planted in the courts of the Lord”.


I went on to be called into intercessions, warfare, deliverance, dreams, and visions. This all began right after I received Jesus Christ as my Messiah and Savior. The operation of all His wonderful gifts were now within me. The Holy Spirit was exercising me in them for His great glory.


It has now been decades of walking, running, warring, “falling seven times and rising up again”, and it has all been worth it, as well as all the ocean of tears now held in bottles in heaven. I am married to a very handsome, beautiful, kind man named Jonathan Stahl. I consider him my best friend after Jesus. I have 2 sons, Derek, and Luke, whom I affectionately refer to as “The Precious Sons of Zion”!


“All my springs are in thee.…” ~ Psalm 87:7

Joanie Stahl

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