God is Distant from the Proud

Weekly Devotional ~ October 2, 2018

“Though the Lord be high, yet hath He respect unto the lowly; but the proud He knoweth afar off.”

Our God … He is the highest above all the earth – above every nation and tongue, above the highest of men, above the heavens and the angels residing there, and above every blessing of His people. We cannot attain His perfect knowledge as it is so high. His ways and thoughts are higher than ours. For all these reasons, and many more, He is called the “Most High”.

Yet, even though He is Most High above all creation and the infinity of the universe, He takes great pleasure in honoring and lifting high the most lowly, or humbled, of this world. As His children, we are to exemplify the lowliness of Jesus our Redeemer. We are to learn of Him, be imitators of Him, and become like unto Him. The Lord has a gracious respect for all who follow His ways.

Noah Webster’s 1828 dictionary defines “respect” as, “to view or consider with some degree of reverence; to esteem as possessed of real worth”. In your lowly attitude, God esteems you! You are worthy of His ownership! You are of real value to Him, and this is not to be taken lightly. This respect is viewed upon with the purest of love, as you daily walk with a broken and contrite heart of humility.

It is in your lowly, humbled state that He hears, regards, and answers prayer. This is His abounding grace extended unconditionally over your life. God knows the proud in heart only from afar. He has no fellowship with them, but rather views them from a distance. The prideful lose the respect of God. He has no respect for a sacrificing Cain, the promise of a Pharaoh, or the pride that brought Nebuchadnezzar from grace to grass.

In order to experience and remain intimately near to God and under the shadow of His wing, may you walk as Moses, the meekest man to walk the earth (Numbers 12:3); or Epaphroditus, co-worker with Paul who nearly died for the sake of the Gospel (Philippians 2:25); or Paul, who lost so much but gained everything for the cause of Christ. Above all these, may you live according to the One who displayed the greatest humility of all, Jesus Christ, who’s humility brought us salvation. 

“Sin came through the pride of Lucifer and salvation came through the humility of Jesus” ~ Zac Poonen


Brook Ardoin
Fire and Freedom Ministry
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  1. Good to have you back… Looking forward to Tony interviewing you. Be like old times again… Missed you! Blessings


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