A Charge To Angels

Weekly Devotional ~ August 2, 2018

“For He shall give His angels charge over you, To keep you in all your ways” ~ Psalm 91:11

This entire chapter is God’s guarantee of protection for His people, and one of the most popular chapters to use in daily prayer for yourselves and families. You can see how active the unseen spiritual world in your life just by this one passage. 

Angels are ministering spirits, created by God to encamp around you every day. It goes on in the next verse to tell you that they also “bear you up in their hands that you not even dash your foot against a stone”. God is concerned in keeping every aspect of your being safe and unharmed. You may never see or feel angels, but it assures you that they bear you up IN their own hands. I imagine many an accident was prevented during your lives thus far due to His angels caring for you. You should always be mindful that the spiritual realm is as alive and active as the natural, likely even more so.

Though you are never to pray to angels or give worship unto them, you can and should ask your Father to send them to encamp around you, your children, and loved ones every day as you travel or go out into the world where the enemy roams about like a lion seeking whom he may devour. You can also ask the Father to send them to surround your property and home as you and your family sleep, providing protection through the night hours. 

The Bible has much to say of angels. In Matthew 4, after Jesus fasted 40 days and nights then was tempted 3 times by the Devil, angels came and ministered to Him.  Most fascinating, Hebrews 13 says to, “forget not to entertain strangers, for by doing so some have unwittingly entertained angels”! Be careful how you treat those you do not know, as you never know who they may be!

Someone who I have considered a spiritual mother and mentor to me was once overcome in spirit to pick up a hitchhiker, something she would never do of her own accord. She drove him for miles as their conversation became focused on the Lord. When she dropped him off, he got out the car and she said she suddenly noticed his feet shone like that of brass. In awe, as she looked back once he shut the car door, he was nowhere in sight! It was clear that whomever he was, was not of this world.

Another time, my ex-Pastor’s wife was at an out-of-state airport headed on a mission trip to Haiti I believe. She soon realized her round-trip tickets were nowhere to be found. The plane was boarding in minutes and she was unable to purchase more. A man suddenly approached, handing her an envelope. She looked down for a second to receive it, but when looking up again, he was nowhere to be found! The envelope contained the round-trip tickets needed to continue on in her journey!

In these stories, you see God’s angels can come in the form of man for no other reason but to have an in-depth discussion about the Lord, or they can be used by God to complete His purpose for you if human error gets in the way. Many angels in the Bible presented themselves in the form of regular men. We do not often hear today of the supernatural stepping out of eternity and into time to help complete God’s purpose or in aiding to help as happened time and again for the mighty people of God in His Word. Is it that they remained in such communion with God from sun up to sun down that such favor rested upon them? They certainly understood the supernatural and the authority they possessed because they knew their God so very well.

A “charge” is a very strict command. In the business world, you would not simply tell your assistant what to do, but rather command and charge them to do it. Do not take lightly the charge that He gives His angels concerning your lives, for they do not take lightly their charge to keep you in all your ways. Notice this charge is not for some of your ways, but ALL of your ways. This is true for every individual in the church of God.

This is His marvelous care for you. Just as parents protect their young in keeping them safe within their arms, so do the angels take great care with honor and privilege to bear up His children in their hands. They understand the priceless jewel you are to Him. Such is God’s goodness and providence, that as you walk with Him in this life, the many things that can cause you to stumble and fall, He charges the amazing heavenly hosts to remove all that may hurt or harm you from your path, both in the natural and the spiritual. What a good God we serve! 

Brook Ardoin
Fire and Freedom Ministry
Visit Fire and Freedom YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZWAJ5gfPyfjnnZcUB28cSw


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