Return To Your Rest

Weekly Devotional


“Return to your rest, O my soul, for the Lord has dealt bountifully with you” ~ Psalm 116:7

Can you recall a time when your soul was brought low? You may be walking in a time such as this even now. God never promised this life would be easy or free of struggle. Your soul [your mind, will, and emotions], can quickly consume you. You must press in that it does not control you. If you do not do so, peace will remain a fleeting idea instead of a place you take residence in. 

There is a place of rest for your soul that you must return to after much distress. This resting place can only be found in our God. You must cease from your own works, and from depending upon them or laboring by them. It becomes sin when you start relying on self rather than surrendering yourself unto God where your soul belongs. It can be a difficult task to remain in that surrender at times.

You may find peace for your soul, but soon enough, the trials of life cause you to take on God’s job once again, finding that you are no longer relying on Him but on yourself to make it through the day. You will always fail by dependence on self which has its consequences.

As Noah’s dove returned to the ark to find rest, so you must return to God that your soul may find it. There is joy in that return and a peace beyond all your understanding. David says the Lord deals bountifully with you mind, will, and emotions if they run away from you. Put these things aside and take it before His throne. Ask Him to deal with your troubled soul and He will do so.

You serve a good God; a God whom you have built a foundation upon. God will enrich you because of His great love for you. Therefore, take rest in none other. As the winds helped carry Noah’s dove to the ark for rest, let God’s love, mercy, and grace guide your soul back to Him. For every believing man and woman, God has sent His Son. In Him we have been given all things. He has also sent His Holy Spirit by which all spiritual blessings are made known to you. God’s fullness of rest lays open to you and you must receive it.

You sit but at only one table; you are clothed only by One hand; you are fed only by One Creator; you are equipped only by One merciful God. It is only Him who floods you with His everlasting kindness. Let not the daily troubles to your soul reign in your lives. The longer you spend living with your soul filled with labor and worry, the more difficult it becomes to get still and silenced before Him.

You have the mind of Christ and His peace is plentiful beyond measure. May you align your will with His, that His will be done on earth as in heaven in your life. Finally, may you determine to be unmoved by emotion, and cast all your cares and burdens upon the Lord that you may run your race in the truth of the promise of His peace.

Brook Ardoin
Fire and Freedom Ministry
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