“I Will Pray for You….

July 27, 2018 How often do we hear the words, "I will be praying for you,"  or in social media when someone posts the need for prayer, we see the comment thread replete with the word, "praying."  In this fast paced generation, it seems to have become something more of a knee-jerk verbal response to... Continue Reading →

Return To Your Rest

Weekly Devotional 7/24/2018 "Return to your rest, O my soul, for the Lord has dealt bountifully with you" ~ Psalm 116:7 Can you recall a time when your soul was brought low? You may be walking in a time such as this even now. God never promised this life would be easy or free of... Continue Reading →

The War on Marriage

There has been lately something akin to an epic Satanic nuclear war on Christian marriages lately like never before. Both men and women are direct targets of the cruelty of this fierce onslaught of Satan. In this episode, I direct this message to men because it often happens that men are overlooked in the area of pain, loss and fear. My focus is on Christian men who have done all to fight for their marriages, yet, divorce seems imminent. This is not a Bible study, or a Biblical study on marriage. This is an initiative from our hearts, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. I will also do part 2 on Women, then Brook will do part 3 and will commence with part 4 on Children. You can visit her Channel called "Fire and Freedom."

When Your Giving Is Not Working – The Four Types of Giving

When Your Giving Is Not Working – The Four Types of Giving - By Brook Ardoin (July 20, 2018) This article will detail each area of giving, explain the motivation behind each type, the purpose of each type, the rate of return from the Lord, and explain what NEVER to do when giving that majority of Christians are unknowingly doing causing them never to attain the full blessings of their giving. It is to bring a full understanding of these wonderful principles within His Word, which I guarantee will change your life forever if you hold faithfully to them. Continue Reaading...

The Callousness of the Gospel

The Callousness of the Gospel - By Brook Ardoin (July 11, 2018) The unbridled truth is that I am witnessing the great passion for the Word of God as well as the passion for the Lord Jesus Christ being washed away with the tide of callousness. Many are getting “used” to Jesus. The anticipation of spending time with the Lord in prayer has fizzled and the exhilaration of soaking in His Word at every given chance has seemed to reach its crescendo with many Christians. Many have even grown bored with these things and feel there is nothing new to be revealed. Continue Reading...

Hide The Word In Your Heart

Weekly Devotional July 10, 2018 "Your Word I have hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against Thee." ~ Psalm 119:11, KJV. The Hebrew word for "hid" is "tsaphan" meaning "to hide (by covering up); to conceal - to lay up, to store up; to lie hidden; hide from discovery; treasure." One absolute... Continue Reading →

Take Time to Rest

July 3, 2018 Who would not agree that in this life, it is feels like one big long haul.  A marathon that seems to get harder the older we get.  There are never ending demands, deadlines and appointments.  We feel that we cannot catch our breaths or a break.  We rush from one location to... Continue Reading →

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