Jesus Taught Us To Pray – The Lord’s Prayer

June 21, 2018

In Episode 5, Prayer Series Pt 4 – How To Pray I spoke about The Lord’s Prayer as a guide or outline rather than only as a repetitious prayer. Here is an outline of The Lord’s Prayer to use to pray. There are only a few examples under some of these areas. You add to it as you go or as the Lord leads. I know it will help your prayer life as it has greatly helped mine over the years. Also, for those who have not listened to Epi 5, it is The Lord’s Prayer broken down like this which I was praying one day when a friend showed up unannounced and said the Lord instructed her to get to my house immediately. She had just been crying out to the Lord that she did not know how to pray. Yet, He knew exactly what I was doing in that moment and exactly where to send her. After that day, this became an outline of prayer in my morning prayer time I never missed!

The Lord’s Prayer


Take the time to praise and worship His name, as well as thanking Him for who He is. Psalms 100:4 says that we “enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise”. It is of no surprise that Jesus would begin this prayer by following exactly what the scripture tells us to do in order to enter in. You want to get past His gates and courts where you can come before the very Throne Room of the Father. Praise, Worship, and Thanksgiving will help you to clear your mind and thoughts of all earthly concerns or problems and get you focused only upon the Lord. Invite the Holy Spirit to meet you. Make this time all about Him rather than on you or your needs. God inhabits the praises of His people. There is not set time on this. Let the Holy Spirit be your guide. Once you have used this outline a few times, you will know how long it takes to pray in order that you begin accordingly. I always suggest to pray in the morning, as this will determine your entire day. Make your schedule around your prayer time, not your prayer time around your schedule.

Example: “Lord, there is no other name as beautiful as Yours. Your name is great, and greatly to be praised. Mountains bow down at the sound of Your name”, etc. Many Psalms have passages specific to His name or in general can be used in praise and thanks. Write down those which stand out when you read to apply to your time in praise and worship. This will also help you learn His Word.


Surrender/Submit your will to God. Ask that His will be done in your life rather than your own and to help you to involve Him in every decision you make in your life. Pray that His will be done in the lives of your spouse, children, family, friend, etc. (Be specific and use names).


Bread was a big symbol of God’s provision in the Old Testament. Go before Him with a spirit of humility, asking to become totally dependent upon Him and that He would daily sustain and provide for you. Here is where trust comes in. Proclaim that you trust Him to provide for your every need and the needs of your family. If you lack trust, then ask Him for it or to help increase it.

The word translated “daily” here is never used anywhere else other than the parallel passage in Luke 11:3. Therefore, it is important we ask for this “daily bread” with each new day.

Jesus told the Tempter in Matthew 4:4, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God”. Bread was also used to symbolize that which sustains our spiritual lives in John 6:27-58, and Jesus calls Himself “the Bread of Life” in vs 35. Ask that the Lord help you to be, or remain, faithful, diligent, and committed in reading and studying His Word every day. Ask the Holy Spirit to breathe life into the Word each time you read it. Thank the Holy Spirit for “eyes that see and ears that hear” and that He gives you understanding of it and that He would reveal new things to you that have yet been revealed in His Word. Ask that He cause you to fall deeply in love with God’s Word and help you to “hide it in your heart that it never depart from you”. You can also pray for your prayer life.


Confession and omission of sin – intentional or not intentional. A debt is something we owe. Ask forgiveness for things that may not be obvious sin, such as if your walk is not where it should be, including your prayer life and/or reading His Word daily.

Pray for relationships to be restored if need.

Ask forgiveness for any you have unforgiveness towards or forgive any who have sinned against you – whether you receive that apology or not. Remember, God says we MUST forgive in order for Him to forgive us (Matthew 6:14-15). In some instances, you may never be friends with that person again, but you still must forgive. If you are having a difficult time forgiving someone, then ask God to help you to do so. Be honest with Him as He already knows all your thoughts and feelings about everyone and everything.


Ask the Lord to help you never to fall into temptation or sin. Thank Him that you have self control, one of the 9 Fruits of the Spirit, and declare “in your weakness, He makes you strong” that you not sin against Him. Crucify your flesh and ask that “He increase and you decrease”.

Ask that He make you aware of the enemy when he comes to bring temptation and sin. That He helps you to be aware of the enemy’s tactics, and that He exposes him to you. Pray for discernment as well as the spirit of wisdom.

Ask that He help you to keep on the armor of God. Remember, once you put it on, it is not something that is to be taken off at night such as natural armor! Paul was using in as a metaphor in comparing it to phycical armor because it is LIVING in each area that we are able to fight the spiritual battles against the enemy and keep him defeated in our lives! It is what each part represents that we must remain. If you start get beaten down regularly, chances are that you have been falling away in one or more areas that consists of that “armor”. To stay strong in all these areas, that consists of being obedient to God. The only way to remain obedient to God is to remain faithful IN HIS WORD! This is how you stay strong in your salvation, remain righteous, filled with truth, His Word in your heart, walk in faith, and go forth spreading the Gospel of peace everywhere your feet take you.

Pray for your protection and that of your kids, loved ones, friends, etc. Psalms 91 is excellent to use as a prayer for protection daily. Make it personal by using “I” where it has “you”, etc. Ask the Father to send angels that protect to stand shoulder to shoulder around you, your kids, family, etc. The same can apply to your house, property, and vehicle for you or your loved ones when they get on the road.


Jewish prayer has a very similar standard conclusion. Jesus was concluding this prayer, letting us know we attribute the everlasting kingdom, power, and glory to eternally. This ascribes all glory to God, which we should do when we pray. All glory to the One who’s name is above all others – that provides for us, sustains us, forgives us, keeps us, and delivers us. To HIM alone be the glory in all these things, for ever and ever, Amen. How fitting that we wrap it all up by giving Him all praise and glory!

Brook Ardoin
Fire and Freedom Ministry

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