God IS Faithful

June 18, 2018

I  was sitting in my living room doing my devotions one morning not long ago, and in prayer I was laboring through some fears and worries about our future.  Things pertaining to finances, and everything finances take care of.  While I pressed on, and pressed through, I was staring out of the window watching the sun begin to arise.

My favorite thing to do is to get up at 4 am and pray until the sun rises, then I read the word.  However, this time, as I ended my prayer, my heart was heavy.  As usual the birds were all singing among the branches, welcoming the day as the earliest light of the sun was breaking forth.

As I watched the sun lighting the highest parts of the trees in a golden glow, I heard the voice of the Lord say to me, “Are you concerned that the sun will not rise?”  I said within my heart where I heard Him speaking, “No Lord, no of course not!”   He said, “Are you worried that the sun will not rise tomorrow?”  Again I answered kind of inwardly chuckling, “No Lord of course not, I know it will rise tomorrow, and the next day, and forever!”

He said, “I am the One who made the sun you have put your trust in that it will rise this morning, and tomorrow, and forever, but you do not trust in me for your future.”  When He said that to me, it was not a rebuke, but He spoke to me very sweetly, Fatherly.”

I meditated on all the verses in the Bible that speaks about His faithfulness in all of His creation, and that included me, and you.  I went on with the day, and ever since, see the sun and the Son of God in a whole brand new light.  Now when I see the first glimmer of light from the sun, I take a deep breath and thank Jesus, knowing that HE IS AS FAITHFUL as the sun.  The sun is one of His main demonstrations of His faithfulness to us, and that we have nothing to worry about at all.

Today, look up and see the sun!  If you are having trouble in your life trusting God in a difficult season, as sure as the sun will rise, remember this word for the rest of your life:

“But unto you that fear my name Shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in His wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves in the stall.”  Malachi 4:2.  KJV.


Shalom to you,

Joanie Stahl
Fire and Freedom Ministry
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2 thoughts on “God IS Faithful

  1. Thank you Joanie. The scripture you listed spoke to me about how the Lord has spoken His Word to my mom to prophesy healing for me and this is Him reaching out to me again of His promise of His faithfulness and all the words speak of how the Lord will use me in mighty ways and that i will overcome this schizophrenia and these demons.
    Thank you again Joanie and Praise our Faithful Father full of mercies and compassion!!!


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