Two Prophetic Dreams — The False Bride and the Battle for Deliverance

By Joanie Stahl and Brook Ardoin (March 2018)


Part I

Joanie’s Dream – February 8, 2018

In my dream, I saw myself walking in total darkness.  It was the blackest of black.  There was not a hint of light from the stars or moon.  It was a thick kind of blackness; the kind one can almost feel.  Yet, tightly all around me there was light.  This light was only enough to shine upon each footstep of mine one at a time.  As I walked and looked down at each footstep, I could see the ground.

The ground was drought ridden – baked and parched with very deep, thick cracks.  The part of the ground that I could see was very ugly in color and almost sickening looking.  Every step necessitated my very deliberate footing as I could see that every inch of it was in constant threat of destruction.  It was ragged and treacherous.  Many times along the way, I had to give intelligent thought to where I placed my foot.

As I continued, I came upon a young woman standing in darkness.  She just stood there without any light around her.  Her arms lay limp at her sides … lifeless … motionless.  When I came to her, she said nothing.  We had no communication or acknowledgement of one another.  The light that surrounded me then surrounded her.  This light was that like of a fire that gives off a warm and sometimes bright glow.  As I stood next to the young woman, the light helped me to see a short distance into the darkness.

I began to see something moving in the thick blackness.  Out of it came a very large wolf.  It came out with head down but its eyes looking up at me in a hunting position.  It started slowly walking towards us.  I began to stomp my feet, wave my hand, and yell at it.  However, as much as I did it displayed no fear at all.  It did not flinch and was unmoved by any of my actions.

I realized that it was still slowly walking towards me.  I then saw more movement.  Suddenly, out of the darkness appeared more wolves.  They were all around us.  More and more crept up upon us looking as fierce as the first one.  The first one was definitely the “chief among them”.  It was as if a huge pack of wolves now surrounded us, inching their way nearer and nearer.

The “chief among them” came right up to me and looked up at me.  I looked down back at him, and I knew that he was fully intent on killing me with a fierce wrath.  I knew the others were waiting for him to make the first move and knew I had no power in and of myself to save us.  The woman remained standing there, lifeless and emotionless.  I also noticed that she was again standing in the dark near me, but still illuminated in the light that surrounded me tightly.

Because the beasts were now upon us and ready to kill, I then knew I had to cry out to Jesus Christ in a way that would rend the heavens.  I turned my face towards heaven as my eyes looked into it.  I could feel my eyes piercing through the heavens … the heaven of heavens.  I could feel the power of the Holy Spirit in my spirit penetrating all the way into the very place where God Himself was sitting.  I knew it.  I could feel this with a great and mighty power.

I screamed as loud as I could with all the power of my being, “LORD, HELP US!  LORD, SAVE US!  HAVE MERCY UPON US! SAVE US NOW!!!  As soon as I screamed that out as loud as I could, those wolves instantly vanished back into the thick, black darkness.

The scene changed.

Now I was sitting all alone at the end of a big, long dinner table.  The room was filled with light.  I was aware that the young woman who had been with me was in the adjacent room surrounded by many people.  All were Church going people.  I could not hear her, but I had perfect knowledge that she was bragging to all the people regarding what we had both just witnessed and lived through.

Yet, she was lying.  She twisted the story to make her to be the one who did what I did and I made out to have been her.  She said that she stood up to the wolves, the fierce enemy, while I stood there, lifeless, emotionless, and pointless.

Then a man from the adjacent room came and sat down at the table with me.  He began to tell with amazement what the young woman was sharing and how he was so impressed.

I sat there listening to everything he said knowing it was all a big lie.  I felt a pinch of temptation arise within my mind as I said to myself, “Lord, she is lying.  That is not what happened and it was the other way around.”  I felt the temptation to want to say to him those very words, but I chose to remain silent because the truth was it was neither her, nor I, but the Lord who saved.  I bowed my head and kept quiet.

End of Dream.



This dream is easy to interpret.

The thick, black darkness is where we are right now at the END of the church age.  It is now so dark that we cannot even take one step without the light of heaven.  The light that surrounded me tightly is the light of heaven, of Jesus Christ.  The tightness means that it is not afforded for anyone else but for those that are following the Lamb of God so closely that one inch away would plunge them into darkness.

The treacherous, drought ridden, parched ground means that there is a famine of hearing of the Word of the Lord in the land.  This means that there is no light, which in turn causes death and danger.  This gives the devil the advantage.

Each step that was not looked upon first by the light was a threat of imminent danger that could cause many kinds of destruction.  There must be intelligent, precisely planned steps now for us.  We are never to take ONE step without that light of God directing and shining upon each one.  This is a warning.

The lifeless, emotionless, clueless woman in the thick darkness represents the false bride of Christ.  The light that surrounded me which encompassed her is what happens when we come into very close contact with them.  His light shines upon them when we draw near to them.  That is how they partake of that light in us as it is in heaven.

The light that was giving way into the darkness was the exact same kind of glow the light of a fire gives.  That fiery light is that of the Lord and His Holy Spirit.  It is the All-Consuming Fire.  That light of fire gave me the ability to see the first wolf who was none other than a Territorial spirit of Satan.  He was clearly the “Chief among them”.

Trying to ward him off by physically stamping, waving my arms, and screaming is what we do when we are first confronted by evil when we least expect it.  The wolf (Chief) had no fear because he is a spirit.  This spirit is not afraid of anything done in the flesh.  These evil spirits are not moved by religious acts or anything we do without Christ.

This was also a warning as I had wasted time in addressing that spirit my own way.  I was caught off guard and compromised precious time.  Instead, I should have used my time instantly to deal with it immediately in the Spirit of Jesus Christ with His authority.

Due to the grievous waste of time, it allowed multitudes of wolves to begin to come out of the darkness in order to surround us.  The other wolves were clearly subject to the first big wolf, their “Chief among them”.  They were coordinated and I recognized that they were under command and would do nothing without their Leader to give them charge.

The Leader (Chief) approached me first.  He glared at me and let me know that he fully intended to kill was filled with murder and wrath.  In that moment was when I noticed that the young woman had seemed to move away from me somewhat and was then standing in the darkness.  She remained lifeless, emotionless, and clueless.

I decided to cry out to God as my eyes pierced into the third heaven where He sits, and scream with all my being to Jesus Christ for help, salvation, and mercy.  Instantly I was met with His answer of power vanquishing all powers of darkness …, which means this:

The powers of darkness are gaining in power because it is darker than ever.  These spirits are most empowered in the darkness.  I am speaking of a spiritual darkness.  This is giving them more power than ever before.  The great scream I cried out overtook all my being – body, soul, and spirit.  The church is going to be pushed into situations just like this and no amount of flowery, religious, recreational prayers will ever work.  The enemy is not afraid of us.  He is not afraid of our attempts to rid ourselves from him.

He is fully intent on killing us.  He is organized and his kingdom stands.  The crying out will be forced out of the people of God who do know Him.  They will ultimately throw down their former ways of doing things, as they never have before.  They will cry out as Asa did in battle when Zerah the Ethiopian was coming against him with millions of chariots.

The young woman represents the false postmodern bride, who is dead.  This is why she was lifeless, emotionless, powerless, and dwelling silently in darkness.  These are the attributes of a DEAD person, or in this case a dead false BRIDE.

I represented (humbly speaking), the true church who still stood and fought for the unbelieving dead false bride.

When it was all over with, I was sitting alone at a long dinner table knowing that the adjacent room was full of people that were churchgoers.  The knowing but not hearing the woman brag as she switched our roles with a lying tongue shows that the Holy Spirit bears witness of the truth, for He is the Spirit of Truth.

I also knew that all the people in the adjacent room were celebrating her great feat of fearlessness and power.  Even then, I continued to sit alone and quiet.

My sitting alone at the long dinner table symbolizes the narrow way and the Marriage Feast full of empty chairs still waiting to be filled.  The celebratory Christians listened to the lies without any discernment.  This means they are not led by the Holy Spirit, but their own flesh and glory, as well as their own pride.  The large number of them represent the broad road that leads to destruction.

The false bride bragging is a lying spirit.  It is a spirit of pride that has completely taken multitudes captive.  They are unable to know they are in the harshest darkness.

The amazed man who came from listening to her lies to sit next to me represents those rejoicing in the lies though they have no discernment.  My temptation to expose the woman for taking credit for my actions in fighting for us was powerful.  I had to make a firm decision to deny my flesh.  It was the selfsame spirit (pride) which also had control over that young woman (the false bride).

My silence and reverence in bowing my head is the representation of the final condition of the true Bride of Jesus Christ … the humble Bride of the King.  This humility caused me to KNOW it was neither she nor I who received the great glory, but it only belonged to the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

In closing, please know that it is not easy to have myself representing the true church Bride within the dream because I do not count myself as anything.  I knew it was only God and that my bowing was a position of total reverence to Him.  I am simply a vessel He used as a representative of His entire true Bride as a whole in comparison to the false bride.

This is how we are going to see and know WHO belongs to Jesus Christ as things get darker in this world.  Without a doubt, this is a warning.


Part II

Brook’s Dream — Introduction

On the same night, I received a dream with many similarities to Joanie’s dream.  This caused us to understand the relevance of sharing them both with you.  It would be foolish to believe this occurrence to be purely coincidental.  Though there are many similarities, there are also many differences.  Together, these dreams help to give more insight into the life of Believer and how the enemy works against us.

When I woke, I knew the Lord had revealed things about my life I had been praying about for quite some time.  Granted, I also was aware that He wanted to make known some very important things concerning our new ministry that will affect us as well as our listeners in the near future.  It was given as a “head’s up” per say.

Dream – February 8, 2018

In the dream it was late evening and very dark outside.  My daughter was much younger in years as she played outside with a cousin, my Uncle keeping watch over them.  I stood right outside the back screen door of what I understood to be his and my Aunt’s home.  One small outdoor light was mounted on the house next to the top of the door.  It shone down upon me and only a few feet from where I stood.  I squinted to see the two children in the dark distance of the backyard.

Suddenly, I became startled as I heard a very low grumble of what I somehow knew in my spirit was that of a male lion.  It sounded to have come from an area of very tall dense grass behind the children and my Uncle.  The grass was the type that produces hay, as there was nothing but a vast field past their back yard.  I yelled loudly asking my Uncle if he had heard the strange sound, but he blew me off as if I was hearing things.  I knew I should have never had the ability to hear such a faint, distant sound with all the noise from the kids.

I held my hand above my brow due to the light glaring from above me and strained my eyes scanning the tall grass in order to try to see through the thick darkness.  At the same moment that I noticed a small clearing in the grass, I heard the low grumble again and faintly recognized a dark silhouette of a male lion in the clearing.  I frantically began screaming for my daughter to run to me.  My Uncle and both kids came darting for the house as I yelled, “THERE IS A LION BEHIND YOU, RUN!”

I held the screen door open as they made it safely inside.  Yet, I somehow became locked out.  No one was in sight inside the screen door to open it for me.  I turned back around to see how close the lion was, only to see a huge, fierce, female lion and black panther darting towards me.  I knew immediately they were after blood and their one goal was to kill me.

There was what seemed like a big cage on the ground next to me; tall enough for me to sit up in, and long enough I could lie down in to give a visual.  It was mostly made of old wood except the left side, which was made of hurricane fencing.  The right side, top, and two ends made of wood resembled what a wooden crate looks like.  There were horizontal openings in between the slats of wood just like a crate would have, but the openings were very large.  The side made of hurricane fencing had about a two-foot opening where the fence had been removed, allowing more than enough room for either of the beasts to walk right in.

I quickly ran into this cage of sorts because the lioness was now right at me.  I sat in there horrified as I watched her slowly walk up to the side with wood.  There was a white thick plastic tarp lying on the top of the cage.  The openings between the few pieces of wood on the top of the cage, easily allowed me to grab and hold the tarp in place above my head.  My thinking was, “If I can keep the top covered, maybe I will be hidden and she will lose interest”.

As I sat there, I somehow knew her thoughts.  She was contemplating on how to get to me.  She soon began to swipe her huge paw at me through the big gaps between the wooden slats.  Roaring and desperately trying to reach me, she was relentless in her attempts.  She became angrier in her inability to reach me.  I was completely gripped with a fear unlike I have ever felt before.  I saw no way out, as I clearly knew her ongoing thoughts of taking my life just for the sheer pleasure of it.

She soon was on top of the cage, standing on the tarp.  She was smart enough to keep her paws from slipping through the openings.  To the left of where I sat was the side made of metal fencing.  However, right past my feet was the big opening with nothing blocking it.  I knew if she jumped down to that side, she would notice and walk in to tear me up alive.

Somehow, as she started to jump down from the top of the cage, her back legs became caught in a portion of the cage top, dangling down where the big opening was.  This only made her fight harder to get free, for she knew once free, she could easily get to me through the opening.

In that moment, my thoughts became vivid and clear that this was no regular animal.  I knew it was a demonic spirit masquerading as a wild beast.  It knew who I was in Christ, which was why it was filled with lust for my blood.  It was also why I could understand its thoughts.

In the next instant, my Uncle popped into my mind and I thought, “I do not care what he thinks of me or in what ways he will mock me.  I will not let that stop me.”  All fear had left me and at the top of my lungs, as loud as my vocal cords could tolerate I began yelling in authority, “IN THE NAME OF JESUS, YOU MUST GO.  IN THE NAME OF JESUS, I SAY LEAVE.  YOU CANNOT HARM ME.”  I kept yelling and demanding it to go in the name of Jesus with all the authority that was mine to use – especially after the realization of whom I was up against.  Just then, one of the kids opened the screen door and I began running to get into the house.

I had just made it inside when I turned back around to shut the door but I was too late … both the lioness and now the panther charged inside before I could shut the door to safety.  I knew I was too late, so I quickly backed up and grabbed a piece of scrap material lying on the floor.  This piece came from a snack bar recently knocked down by my Aunt and grandmother who were working on remodeling inside the house.  I am unsure what the material was made of, but it was square, thin, and not very durable; however, it was the only thing available to use to try to defend myself in a moment’s notice.

I was in the same room where entered the back door, and I quickly turned my body sideways, right leg to front (as positioned on a surfboard), knowing I must plant my feet firmly to the ground to keep my balance for what was about to come.  I held up the makeshift “shield” in front of me, covering from my right shoulder to my waist.  As quickly as I got into positon, the first big blow came.  Let me explain how each attacked, one after the other:

I had backed up and picked up the scrap piece of material from the ground only about 20 feet from the back door where they entered into.  The room was free of any furniture or anything.  Each would charge full force from near the back door and slam head first with all their might into the shield.  They were not attempting to slam purposefully into the shield, but were trying to attack me.  When they would reach a few feet from me, they would leap up, mouths open, trying to get to my neck/face.  I would use my upper body with all my strength and slam the shield into them to protect myself.  The forceful blows caused them to fly back a bit then hit the ground, their bodies tumbling until their momentum stopped.  They would then immediately get back up to their feet and start all over again.

This happened repeatedly.  As soon as one beast would hit the ground rolling, the other was charging at me to do the same.  They continued with one sole mission – to KILL me.  Sometime in between blows, I was fully aware that my family members were oblivious to this attack.  I took a few seconds to look around to see that they continued to work in the house as if I, nor these wild animals, were even there.  I was very conscious of these thoughts and my surroundings and it boggled my mind that no one was attempting to help me.

My Uncle had been standing only a few feet from me as I fought off the beasts.  He was the only one aware of what was happening.  After fighting for my life awhile, I became physically exhausted.  In between blows, I looked at him and slightly angrily yelled, “WHY are you not helping me?  You see what is happening here, yet you do NOTHING.  They are trying to KILL ME.”  He stood there in silence with what resembled a slight smirk on his face.  He never did acknowledge or help me when I confronted him.

I turned my back away from the beasts and the front door caught my eye.  It was only about 20 feet away.  There was a glass screen door, and I could see through to the front yard.  The scene had changed from the darkness out back to how it looks at dusk with a hint of light before turning dark.  I thought, “This is my chance to run outside and save myself”.  As I ran and opened the screen door, I stopped as fear struck me for a moment.  In the front yard were two male LIONS.  One just sat looking at me, the other pacing back and forth.  I could hear their thoughts as well.  In a mocking manner they thought, “Yes, please run out into the front yard … we are waiting here to kill you.  You have no way out”.

With nowhere to escape, I turned and began walking back to where I had just ran from to face up to the two beasts once again.  I knew they would still be waiting.  I felt a huge sigh of relief as the two adult ferocious killers had turned into baby animals.  They were no more than 6 weeks old, my mind thought.  The baby panther came running right up to me wanting to play.  As I pet its head, I said to my Uncle still standing there, “Look, they are just innocent babies wanting to play.  There is nothing to be afraid of any longer.  The adult wild beasts are gone and I will be just fine now.”

I awoke.



I will not go into a line-by-line interpretation.  I will summarize some of the similarities to Joanie’s dream, and what the relevance of this dream means for the work we will be doing with Fire and Freedom.

My dream also took place in total darkness representing these End Times and the Age we are now living in.  The Lord is exposing more and more of these wicked times we are living in, and the increasingly evil work of the kingdom of darkness against His church Body.  As Joanie stated, we cannot even take one-step without needing the light of heaven.  Where I stood outside at the beginning of my dream, I also had one small bright light pronounced just on me.  All else was in complete darkness.

The adults in my dream were totally oblivious to what was happening, just as the woman in Joanie’s dream.  I do not hold the children accountable for they were not of an age to understand or be accountable.  Just as my own family members were blind to the present darkness and to the enemy, many of us have loved ones unsaved and unaware of the wickedness that has overtaken the earth.  Let us not forget about our lost family members in our quest to share truth with the rest of the world around us.

Just as Joanie noticed the movement of a wolf in the darkness, I also first saw a lion in the thick blackness of night.  Before I saw it, I had a keen sense of hearing and should have never been able to hear in the natural the low grumblings of that lion.  Though I have never heard a lion in my life, I immediately knew in my spirit what it was.  This is symbolic of His people having discernment of the enemy, and knowing “the voice of a stranger”.

The church Body should always have the ability to hear the Holy Spirit speaking within our spirits.  Our spirits should remain in tune with God’s Spirit at all times, and we must commune with the Lord daily in order to do that.  When in tune with the Spirit, we are able to put aside all the noise and voices in the natural, and learn to listen to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit.  Do not let that in the natural keep you from getting distracted from what the Lord is speaking to you.

We both had wild beasts in our dreams.  She had a pack of wolves in her dream, having a “chief among them”.  In mine were multiple beasts – a lion, a lioness, a black panther, and two other lions.  These beasts in both dreams represented the enemy – or demonic evil spirits.  Mine having different kinds of beasts represents how the enemy takes on many forms, and that there are a great multitude of evil spirits.

Just as each one of these animals in the animal kingdom have a different name, look differently from the one another, have different characteristics from one another (some higher up in the food chain), their prey are different and they attack their prey differently, such is the kingdom of darkness.

There is an order of things in Satan’s army.  Every demonic spirit has a name, which is very important when dealing with deliverance.  Some spirits are what we call “high ranking”, such as the lion is known as “king of the beasts”.  In Joanie’s dream, one of the wolves was Alpha, or “chief among them”.  Others are lower in rank.  The higher-ranking ones also look different from the lower ranking ones, if you have ever been allowed to see evil spirits.  Some work alone, while other spirits work together in their attack like the pack of wolves.

Having so many different types of wild beasts in the dreams means that through the new work the Lord is raising up, we will soon encounter many different evil spirits and principalities that are coming against God’s people or have enslaved the Body for quite some time.  God wants His people to have the ability to recognize them and understand how the enemy works in order to get permanently FREE.

The wild beasts in both dreams contained no fear of us and were filled with a fierce wrath against us.  They had one goal in mind … to kill us both, and we each had the full understanding of this.  “For the enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy”, and if we are not spiritually prepared to know how to deal with Satan’s unseen forces, they will work to destroy us – sometimes little by little, as long as it takes.

While in the cage, complete fear tried to overtake me because I felt I was in an impossible situation.  There may be moments that fear will try to rise up within you.  It is not of God to remain in that fear, or allow it to cause you to cower down rather than fight with the authority given you.  Do not let feelings or emotions control you.  You must have the truth of the Word of God within you in order to control feelings or emotions that rise up in the flesh – especially when dealing with an enemy that knows no truth and will LIE to you in all things.

Joanie and I had similar experience as we cried out to the Lord.  I also instantly knew what I had to do while in that cage.  The Holy Spirit caused me to cry out to Jesus in such an authority that would rend the heavens, and this was when I was able to make my escape out of the cage.

The reason why the thought arose that I did not care what my Uncle would say or think about me before I yelled out using the name of Jesus, was because my Aunt and Uncle were a second family to me growing up.  I lived next door to them and my cousins were the siblings I never had.

After salvation at age 18, I began sharing the Gospel and the message of Jesus with my Aunt and Uncle.  At times, they both would say some very hurtful things such as calling me a “Holy Roller” and other names.  My Uncle in particular would do it in such a mockery of Christ and what I stood for, that I felt much persecution by him.  He would mock me, laugh at me, and began treating me differently than prior to my salvation.  I could feel my love for the Lord angered him.

Isn’t it something that almost 26 years after that difficult short season that a dream would bring up that distant memory to cause me to think that I would not allow his persecution to stop me in speaking out the name of Jesus in authority when needing it the most?  I believe through this ministry, we will have to open up and not be ashamed to speak for fear of what others may think or possibly say.  There is no shame or embarrassment when desiring deliverance.  We as leaders will never stand for any mockers or scoffers who attempt to thwart the efforts of our goals for Fire and Freedom, and none will be tolerated or allowed to remain.

Though I thought I was free and in the safety of the house, this time TWO of the beasts returned with a vengeance.  This showed me two things when dealing with demonic spirits.  First, we sometimes pray, get our breakthrough, and become delivered.  However, that spirit will attempt to return to us, and may bring with it reinforcements in order to pull us right back where it had us enslaved.  This happens frequently when dealing with enemy spirits.

When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest; and finding none, he saith, I will return unto my house whence I came out. And when he cometh, he findeth it swept and garnished. Then goeth he, and taketh to him seven other spirits more wicked than himself; and they enter in, and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first.” (Luke 11:24-25).

This is when you immediately stand firm in His Word of Truth, knowing you have been freed, and do not give it any ground to return.  Do not open that door a fraction of an inch to allow the lies of doubt and unbelief to come in.  It may also try to return by placing you in a situation to be greatly tempted into sin – falling into that sin through temptation may be what first gave it the right to come into your life.  You must RESIST the enemy and any temptation to fall into the same sin again once you have been delivered, and it cannot find a way to return.

Secondly, there may be times we have stood in prayer against a spirit, and that spirit will suddenly go silent, or lie dormant.  We prematurely think we are free from it.  We have not prayed it through and it is certain to return, and possibly stronger than before.  If you are ever not fully certain that you have been delivered, then chances are you are NOT.  Deliverance is not a guessing game, you will know with certainty once you are free.

Though the lioness returned with the panther, I did not give up and I was ready to go into more intense battle.  There will be times the journey to freedom will get more intense, and it can be tough, long fight.  Yet, the greater one lives inside of you and once freedom arrives, you will have grown in more ways than ever imagined.  God can then use your experience to help others.  Remain steadfast and He will surely replace beauty for ashes.

The lioness and panther were relentless in their pursuit to kill.  No matter how many times they faced the blows of my shield and went tumbling to the ground, they continued to get up and continue in their purpose.  Any spirit(s) that we let in, or that have been passed generationally, have gained the legal right into our lives will not just go away on their own.  We have to seek out the entry point and use the power and authority paid for through the blood of Jesus to come face to face with them if we want deliverance.

I became physically exhausted in my battle.  There will be battles that leave us physically and spiritually exhausted, especially if you are fighting against something that has had a stronghold over you for years.  The same two beasts representing evil spirits in the dream kept returning no matter how many times I fought them off.  This is how the enemy works.  He will attempt to wear you out in order that you GIVE UP the fight.

When you feel like giving up, or feel worn out spiritually, turn to others in the Body to pray for or with you, but do not give up.  Usually, your deliverance is right around the corner just as you are ready to give in.  When the enemy comes like a flood against you, and is fighting to hold onto you, THAT is when he is LOSING his grip and you know what you are doing is WORKING.

Let me digress a minute.  Not all battles will be as intense, and the enemy will try to come in short-term to disrupt your life or your walk with Christ; not all of God’s people are enslaved by an evil spirit, or spirits.  Those who have been trained in understanding the kingdom of darkness and able to recognize his attacks can deal with that and stop them rather quickly such as in Joanie’s dream.  She represented those prepared to take on the wolves when they unexpectedly arrived to try to take her out.  My dream is for God’s people who have been enslaved by evil spirits, to show you that Believers CAN have demonic strongholds, and it may take a longer, more difficult battle to rid your lives of them.

Back to where I left off … The back door represented the entry point in the dream.  The makeshift shield represented the “shield of FAITH”.  It did not look like much, but it was all I needed to do battle against the beasts.  Do not be moved by what you SEE, no matter how ferocious or frightening facing the enemy may seem.  The Lord is more powerful than anything the enemy can bring our way.

It is imperative to fill yourself up by what the Word says concerning faith when facing a battle.  Faith comes by hearing, so read the Word aloud in order that you hear it and speak it into your spirit.  It will keep you unmoved, no matter how strong enemy forces work to knock you down.  The fight I had with the two spirits came suddenly and without warning.  In the dream, I was able to think quickly and I was prepared for the battle.

You will face sudden, unexpected battles when walking with the Lord.  Satan is not as concerned with those he already has, but rather with all he sees as a threat.  If he showed up unannounced to Jesus, he most certainly will show up unexpectedly to take you on.  Do not wait until he strikes to prepare.  Yes, you can still overcome when unprepared, but chances are you will have a long, difficult road ahead that may result in many failed attempts of getting free.

On my second attempt to escape through the front door, two male lions were awaiting me.  I again had a brief moment of fear in seeing the lions and realizing I was stuck and would have to return to face the lioness and panther.  This represents that there is no escaping any spirits that have gained legal rights into our lives.  As I said before, they will not just go away.  It takes us to want to face them head on to attain deliverance.

There will come a time for any Christian who knows they are in need of deliverance to face up to it if they are serious about continuing their walk with Christ.  These spirits can hinder God from fulfilling His complete purpose and plan for our lives.  If you are bound by any spirits due to intentional sin, then you must immediately take measures to repent and take the steps to be delivered.  We are living in some of the darkest hours yet, and no one should want to risk remaining in intentional sin.

In the end, the beasts that had been intent on killing me suddenly turned into baby animals.  In the dream, I said they were only “innocent” baby animals who only wanted to play and intended no harm after all.  My dream ended with me thinking that all was fine and I was safe from the threat of the wild adult animals.  I aware of what the beasts turning into small, playful baby animals meant as this was the first time I have ever been given a dream filled with wild animals that I knew to be evil spirits wanting to kill me.

I awoke from that dream, not understanding why it ended this way.  It soon came to my knowledge that these beasts turning into innocent baby animals is a deception from the enemy.  The enemy will do that purposefully to have God’s people believe that the evil spirits are gone, not to return.  The truth is that it is his way to take our focus off the evil spirits in order to gain true deliverance and rid these spirits of our lives for good.  He wants us to think they are no longer a threat in our lives and we stop battling against them.

Do not be deceived if you have been facing a battle, or even at war for your freedom and suddenly the attacks come to a halt.  I stated earlier that there are times the enemy will seem to go silent or lie dormant, but is sure to come back and possibly stronger in the attack.  You will always know when you have total breakthrough and have achieved deliverance and are free from any demonic spirits working in your life.

Some Christians even feel that giving any attention to the enemy is NOT of God and we should not take the time to know our enemy.  Most of those with this belief are being attacked and do not even know it is due to evil spirits.  There is good reason why Jesus Himself taught about the kingdom of darkness and spent so much of His daily life casting out demons.  We cannot deal with Satan or his kingdom if we believe it is irrelevant to gain the knowledge of that kingdom as a Christian.

The Bible directly tells us of our fight is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, and against spiritual wickedness in high places.  This is clear, instructing us that we fight in present tense.  God’s enemy is our enemy, and this enemy will continue to assault us as long as there is breath in us and we remain joint heirs with Jesus to the throne of the Father.

It also teaches us what to DO in order to defeat these unseen forces.  This instruction is not for the unbeliever or non-believer, but for the saints of God.  True, there is nothing the enemy can do to us that God does not allow.  Yet, He always allows it for different reasons for our benefit.  In the end, if we obey His Word by doing what it says, God will always receive the glory.


In conclusion, I want to encourage all who are in need of deliverance to join us in Fire and Freedom.  We know the Lord has given us direction in this area to help those in the Body who are in need.  As we have said previously, we do not have all the answers and certainly do not claim to know everything.  We are just two vessels who have surrendered our lives to Him, have a love for people, and greatly desire to see them set free.  As I said in my introduction, I see these dreams as a “head’s up” in what we are about to embark upon in this ministry, and we do not take it lightly.  The enemy always starts taking notice when we begin to work towards deliverance and exposing him; but God will always prevail.

We are taking this journey alongside of you, and it will cause growth and deliverance in our own lives as well.  Feel free to email us and share if the Lord gives you further interpretation concerning these dreams.  We welcome you in sharing your story if in need of deliverance or presently going through an attack by the enemy.  In addition, we would like to hear if you have had any dreams similar to these.




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6 thoughts on “Two Prophetic Dreams — The False Bride and the Battle for Deliverance

  1. Question?

    Could there be an even deeper meaning to the symbology illustrated in the wolf dream?

    The reason I ask this is when placing a wolf against the backdrop of scripture a primary blessing for the tribe of Benjamin emerges on to the stage.

    Here is the scripture pertaining to the tribe of Benjamin and the wolf pairing from Genesis

    “In the morning he shall devour the prey, and in the evening he shall divide the spoil.

    So here it is in full context already illustrated.

    As you will see this piece is fairly complete and may be able to help offer even more revelation as to the wolfs true identity.

    If you get more revs about this there are at least two more facets of contextualization which are the elements of time and space.

    The way to be able to begin to peer in to these elements is by looking at time and space through the lens of Daniel 12″4 and Revelation 10: 8-11 against the backdrop of how the 12 tribes have been scattered gobally over the epoch of the church age.

    If the Holy Spirit leads you to this track of revelation can share more revelation knowledge as led?.

    Abundant Blessings and thanks for all you are doing for our King Yeshua!


    PS you will not find the blog address active as yet. Still waiting on the release.


  2. an excellent post sisters. I would like to ask you, Brook, re your uncle. I was watching an episode this week of “It’s Supernatural” Sid Roths’ show. His guest is one who ministers in deliverance and healing with a different “twist” for lack of a better word offhand. The guest was saying how (firstly in his own life years ago) that many times the Holy Spirit (Ruach Ha Qodesh) is hindered by UNFORGIVENESS. He shared how a young fellow of 18, came up for healing prayer, before the brother ministering said/ did anything, the Spirit spoke to him and said the fellow, seeking to be healed of polio, had unforgiveness in him, giving territory to the enemy to operate in his life. He then said to the seeker, “The Holy Spirit is telling me you have unforgiveness”. The seeker admitted he did, firstly against his parents who brought him into this world but his life was so limited due to polio and second he was angry and unforgiving to our Father in heaven, blaming Him for the polio. When the brother ministering led him in a prayer of repentance and forgiveness for his parents and Father, he was healed / delivered immediately of the polio.


    1. Dear Gitardood, Thanks for the comment! As far as my Uncle goes, YES, I forgave him when this all occurred as a Born Again Christian! I held no animosity as forgiveness is a MUST! I only spoke on that part bc it was only reason why in dream I knew I had thought I would speak out in Jesus name no matter what he felt about it! It had to be the reason that even entered my thoughts IN the dream!! But, the persecution at the time from him I counted a blessing and knew the Lord would bless me for it! It only lasted a season and I was only around 18-19yrs old and after a season it stopped. I gained more wisdom as time went on and I no longer “Pushed” Jesus down their throats! But, he stopped being rude and ugly after a season and we loved one another all the same and went on treating one another like family!! Thank you again for your thoughts on the matter. Much appreciated. God Bless.
      Brook Ardoin


  3. Reblogged this on Gitardood's Weblog and commented:
    Concentrate on the message being shared by both sisters. It’s important. The scripture tells us that GOD is patient, having sent His Yachid (uniquly begotten Beloved Son), as John 3:16,17 tells us, giving more time for mankind to repent, turn to Him with all their heart, and walk in intimate fellowship with Him. He told us He takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked BUT He also said, of those who profess to be His servants and children, “In vain do they worship me with their lips, for their hearts are far from Me” – thus He takes no pleasure in false claims of being His, but not being actively seeking each day, to grow in intimacy


  4. Oh my! I had what appears to be the third half of these dreams last night! In my dream, I was in a house that I did not recognize and I was hiding in the living room on what looked like a daybed. I was hiding from a huge grizzly bear that was rummaging around in the kitchen. There was a box on the bed and I found a gun in it. I was thinking that the only way I could possibly kill it would be to shoot it between the eyes otherwise I’d be dead. As quietly as I could, I pulled the trigger at just the right moment and….CLick…….nothing. I quietly searched through the box and found a rifle and again found the right moment and…..Click….nothing. One last chance, I found a double barrel shotgun with two rounds in it and knew that I would be able to blow him away this time. So far the bear didn’t even notice I was there because he was so busy tearing the kitchen apart but when the shotgun failed like the others he turned around and glared right at me. I ran out the door but realizing that my dog was still in the house I turned back and started calling for her when a black bear and two cubs ran pass me, also terrified of the grizzly. I turned and ran after them and hid in the bushes as the grizzly ran past me after the black bear and her cubs. When I got back in the house I found 6 cubs left behind by the grizzly, I guess the he was a she, and I struggled to get them out of there as fast as I could before the grizzly mom came back for them. That is all I remember. It was a very colorful and vivid dream. I didn’t know what to think of it until I heard these dreams. Now it seems to fit perfectly with the others. The weapons in the dream were put away in a box full of junk and weren’t in proper working order rendering them useless. The Lord had me study in detail the destructive entities of the bible about six months ago. Indeed there is a ranking among the fallen angels/demons and I felt immediately that the Lord wanted me to brush up on my studies. Obviously, things are about to get much darker very soon.


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