Fire and Freedom

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New! Introduction Video — New Beginnings! (March 2, 2018)

Join Brook and Joanie in their re-launching introduction show. This short video discusses the new direction given by the Lord concerning this ministry in the area of Deliverance. This message focuses on the goals set for this ministry, the importance of being trained in warfare, and the importance of James 4:2. …Listen here…



Two Prophetic Dreams — The False Bride and the Battle for Deliverance (March 9, 2018)


By Joanie Stahl and Brook Ardoin (March 2018) “…The powers of darkness are gaining in power because it is darker than ever. This is giving them more power than ever before. The Church is going to be pushed into situations like this….…More…

Three Prophetic Dreams — Satan To Unleash The Powers of Hell Like Never Before (December 18, 2017)


By Joanie Stahl
Additional Interpretation by Brook Ardoin
…As soon as I heard that voice, standing next to me was a mother holding her triplets in her arms. Their faces went from being precious baby faces, to contorted, demonic, and monstrous. At that sight, terror came over me and I was so afraid I said to myself, “You have got to get out of here, and you need to get out of here fast!” …More…

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