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Starting with the Prayer Series, Brook and Joanie’s videos can found under the Video Series tab or by clicking here if you want the prayer series, or here if you want access to all the Daily Videos.


New!!! The Incense of Agony — By Joanie Stahl (July 18, 2018) 

“And being in agony He prayed more earnestly: and His sweat was as it were great drops of blood falling to the ground.”  Luke 22:44  KJV.

“Just recently I received a mortal blow to my heart.  The sensation felt like my heart was hit with enemy rounds.  I stood there shocked.  I could not move.  I sat down and I began to weep.  Then it was that my heart became like the rock that Moses struck twice, and the waters gushed forth like a river in a barren desert…” Continue Reading…


God Records Every Tear –By Brook Ardoin (July 16, 2018)

“…When we cry and bear our hearts and souls to our God, this is not a sign of weakness, but rather of great humility….” Continue reading…


Word from the Lord – Faces Will Turn Into Paleness and Darkness

confusion–By Joanie Stahl (July 10, 2018) “…Do you see their faces?  Do you see the brazenness of their faces?  In one moment, what is coming will turn their faces into paleness and into blackness.  They will have confusion of face.  Confusion will fill this entire world, and only mass confusion will be upon all people and they will not be able to recover from it.” Continue Reading…

The Callousness of the Gospel

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–By Brook Ardoin (July 11, 2018) “The unbridled truth is that I am witnessing the great passion for the Word of God as well as the passion for the Lord Jesus Christ being washed away with the tide of callousness. Many are getting “used” to Jesus. The anticipation of spending time with the Lord in prayer has fizzled and the exhilaration of soaking in His Word at every given chance has seemed to reach its crescendo with many Christians.  Many have even grown bored with these things and feel there is nothing new to be revealed.” Continue Reading…

NOW Faith Is— By Dawn Wilson (June 24, 2018)“This one lesson on faith taught me that since conscience fear is a hindrance to God answering our prayers, so was any doubt included in my communication with the Lord. From that day forward, I never asked God to change a circumstance. Faith is the title deed in order for what is hoped to come into reality. With faith, there is a shift from the supernatural into the natural. Hope is natural and faith the supernatural.” …Read More…

Vanity of Vanities
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— by Angela Georgantas (May 25, 2018) “Realizing and appreciating that each day is a gift from God is the real key to happiness. Focusing on God, as well as His purpose and plan is what fills the holes in our lives”…More…


My Master


— By Brook Ardoin This was given by the Lord to Brook in 2017. This is a story about how we must be DESPERATE for our Deliverance …More…


What is Salvation?
easter scene with crown of thorns, hammer and nails with blood on sand


— By Brook Ardoin The Bible is not only a Believer’s blueprint to living a righteous life while on earth, but it also gives clear instruction on how to inherit eternal life through Jesus Christ. …More…





Starting with the Prayer Series, Brook and Joanie’s videos can found under the Video tab or by clicking here if you want the prayer series, or here if you want access to all the videos.

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